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New Work from a Roadtrip Summer

During the months of August and September we made a big loop from Oregon though Montana, Colorado, and back to Oregon. We stopped in many places along the way, but our longest stop was the five weeks we spent in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. We used that as a base for many expeditions: hiking and picnicking, […]

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Painterly Photographs

Over the past six months, I have gotten more interested in making photographs for their own sake. That’s as opposed to making photographs to record travels, or to use later as sources for painting. In part, this came about because I began using a digital SLR camera, and became joyously reacquainted with planning composition, focus, […]

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July Studio Work

After a solid twelve months of travel, we have finally settled down for six weeks. We are in Portland, and I again set up my studio in the small hut in our son’s backyard. My initial attempts at painting were stiff and awkward, so I decided to do a series of small, quick color studies […]

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New Work: Los Frailes

Quite by accident, several of my favorite recent paintings have been scenes from Los Frailes, a bay about twenty fives miles northeast of San Jose del Cabo which has a wonderful beach, a working fish camp and recreational campground, and dramatic mountains as a backdrop. This is also the only anchorage for boats waiting for […]

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Color Studies

Rambles around La Paz have resulted in lots of inspirations for color studies. I pulled out some small cardboard squares that I had prepared with traditional gesso years ago. It was a great surface for getting rich color, since the gesso absorbed the first layers quickly, and made it easy to modify color and value […]

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